Waifuchat RPG

Session 9 (7/1/17) Recap
Doors and Hot Bods
Session 8 (31/12/16) Recap
Mjorns and Meyvns

Mjorn, who was being inspected and kept watch over by Arithon, managed to escape and had completely changed her appearence to that of a youthful women. Before leaving she had left a small, magical, wooden box behind as a gift to Arithon.

Raime, Virtue and Lelouch went to report what they had found to Captain Gilneas, who sent Virtue back to the Chapel with 3 members of the city guard, but when they arrived Mjorn was already gone.

During that time, Raime had gone to see the new Meyvn of the Magic School to inquire about the strange silver coin they had found on Mjorn, all they managed to learn is that the coin is enchanted with a powerful magic that almost no one knows what it does, and that it can potentially curse people as well.

They also recieved a magical amulet left to them by the previous Meyvn. Shortly after their conversation Virtue had come back to the Spire with a Guard to talk to the Meyvn about the strange box left to Arithon by Mjorn. Midway through the conversation a Bat had arrived, as an animal messenger, to tell the two that Mjorn had also change dher appearance

Session 7 (24/12/16) Recap
Jellies and Old Ladies

Last time everyone was attacked by a group of Darkmantles and a Flumph within the caves that surround the area around the Coal District. After defeating them, with some effort, everyone's attention was then turned to Mjorn who appeared to be acting strangely.

After all agreeing to take Mjorn back to the Chapel to rest and remember what had happened, Mjorn had dropped a small trinket by accident which caused to be fairly panicked when she noticed it was no longer on her person.

Arithon had then knocked her to the ground and pulled her away from the silver coin, to which she reacted to by using some strange spell on him, which didn't seem to do much aside from cause some minor damge and leave a small black mark. Mjorn was then knocked unconscious and tied up, before the group carried her back to the Chapel, where they all rested for the night.

When morning (assumadly) came, everyone was well and rested while Mjorn was still unconscious, tied to a chair in her home.

Session 6 (17/12/16) Recap
Caves and Bones

The group had found Mjorn within a cave near the Coal District, though she herself was too late to save her friend Vanyr. After Virtue started sensing a very dark and malicious presence somewhere within the cavern, that seemed to be coming from Mjorn, the group was attacked by a twisted Skeletal Amalgamation that appeared to be able to use magic.

After dispatching of the Skeleton, Virtue saved Mjorn from the creatures last ditch attempt to take her life. Not long after, Raime cast magic missle at the Darkness, and awoke a large group of Darkmantle and Flumphs that had called the area home.

Session 5 (19/11/16) Recap
Ghosts and Notices

The group had gone down to the undercity to read up on the noticeboard, hoping to help out the residents and maybe get some information on the Cult.

Deciding to investigate reports of strange lights deeper within the caves, they were lead back to Mjorn in the Coal Districts chapel. She wasn't there when they had arrived but had left a note behind saying that one of her close friends had disappeared so she decided to investigate the mysterious lights by herself

With directions left for them in the note, the group travelled to the western side of the caves where as they drew closer the cave started to fill with a deeper, brighter, red light.

Session 4 (8/10/16) Recap
Quests and Investigations

As the Seer had informed you, you now all have effective free reign of the city and it's nearby surroundings. Which he'd like you to use to help further the City Guard's investigation into the mysterious cult known as the "Shadows of Solarium"

Captain Gilneas of the city guard also informed you that you are allowed to help out the guard with any other cases they may have, such as other crimes or reports of creatures

There are also locals you can talk to for information, as well as the Undercity which has a noticeboard of thier own problems as well

The most you recall about the Undercity was reports of a strange light deeper within the caves, possibly linked to thefts of food and a possible murder as well

Session 3 (1/10/16) Recap
Temples and Secrets

Virtue, Alma and Arithon had left the Undercity for the Temple of Arawei in the Platinum district, having noticed the increased guard activity Virtue managed to convince one of the guards to allow them access to the Platinum District.

Within the temple they met with the High Priest who tried to help them understand their situation better and revealed the truth about their connection to the Cult. After a strange ritual sorta thing, the Priest gave the group two notices, one for the Captain of the City Guard as proof that the party weren't part of the Cult, the other for a Smithy in the Iron District where the group could get some basic equipment for themselves.

Session 1 (27/8/16) Recap
Puzzles and Cultists

After their Ordeal with the strange cult and the Ironwood City guard, Aramil, Alma, Arithon and Aurelia wake up in what appears to be an abandoned Warehouse underground, inundated with rats. After securing some basic equipment and finding their way out of the Warehouse they find themselves in a large town-like area in what appears to be a huge cavern.

This is the Undercity Proper, lesser district of Ironwood City.

Not long after leaving the Warehouse, the group immediately has a sense of discomfort and confusion as they see another group of people standing across the plaza from them, staring at them.

Both groups know that they have no recolection of the other, yet feel like they should all know each other.

The other group being: Virtue, Finton, Alethra and Ashren. They have been through a similar ordeal to Arithon's group, but have been around in the Undercity for a bit longer, though are still unaware of what's happened to them.


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