Waifuchat RPG

Session 8 (31/12/16) Recap

Mjorns and Meyvns

Mjorn, who was being inspected and kept watch over by Arithon, managed to escape and had completely changed her appearence to that of a youthful women. Before leaving she had left a small, magical, wooden box behind as a gift to Arithon.

Raime, Virtue and Lelouch went to report what they had found to Captain Gilneas, who sent Virtue back to the Chapel with 3 members of the city guard, but when they arrived Mjorn was already gone.

During that time, Raime had gone to see the new Meyvn of the Magic School to inquire about the strange silver coin they had found on Mjorn, all they managed to learn is that the coin is enchanted with a powerful magic that almost no one knows what it does, and that it can potentially curse people as well.

They also recieved a magical amulet left to them by the previous Meyvn. Shortly after their conversation Virtue had come back to the Spire with a Guard to talk to the Meyvn about the strange box left to Arithon by Mjorn. Midway through the conversation a Bat had arrived, as an animal messenger, to tell the two that Mjorn had also change dher appearance



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