Waifuchat RPG

Session 7 (24/12/16) Recap

Jellies and Old Ladies

Last time everyone was attacked by a group of Darkmantles and a Flumph within the caves that surround the area around the Coal District. After defeating them, with some effort, everyone's attention was then turned to Mjorn who appeared to be acting strangely.

After all agreeing to take Mjorn back to the Chapel to rest and remember what had happened, Mjorn had dropped a small trinket by accident which caused to be fairly panicked when she noticed it was no longer on her person.

Arithon had then knocked her to the ground and pulled her away from the silver coin, to which she reacted to by using some strange spell on him, which didn't seem to do much aside from cause some minor damge and leave a small black mark. Mjorn was then knocked unconscious and tied up, before the group carried her back to the Chapel, where they all rested for the night.

When morning (assumadly) came, everyone was well and rested while Mjorn was still unconscious, tied to a chair in her home.



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