Waifuchat RPG

Session 1 (27/8/16) Recap

Puzzles and Cultists

After their Ordeal with the strange cult and the Ironwood City guard, Aramil, Alma, Arithon and Aurelia wake up in what appears to be an abandoned Warehouse underground, inundated with rats. After securing some basic equipment and finding their way out of the Warehouse they find themselves in a large town-like area in what appears to be a huge cavern.

This is the Undercity Proper, lesser district of Ironwood City.

Not long after leaving the Warehouse, the group immediately has a sense of discomfort and confusion as they see another group of people standing across the plaza from them, staring at them.

Both groups know that they have no recolection of the other, yet feel like they should all know each other.

The other group being: Virtue, Finton, Alethra and Ashren. They have been through a similar ordeal to Arithon's group, but have been around in the Undercity for a bit longer, though are still unaware of what's happened to them.



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